That Time Kenny Loggins Almost Took Me on Tour with Him

I went to a concert with my Mom, sister and brother when I was about thirteen years old. It was the first concert we had been to so we were stoked … and had no idea what to expect. It was at a covered, open-air venue. Cool, right? There were seats under the pavilion, which was where we were, and there was open seating in the grass where people brought blankets and sat out on the lawn. Also cool.

Kenny Loggins on tourWe were there to see Kenny Loggins. This was after Footloose and Top Gun, but before Winnie the Pooh. He was pretty popular then and I thought it was way cool that we got to see him. I mean, he and Tom Cruise were obviously BFFs since Kenny sang the big song for his movie. And, dude?! Footloose. Get outta here! Who didn’t sing that into their hairbrush while picturing all the cool ways to rebel against their parents?! Cuz you gotta cut loose, Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes!!

I remember thinking that Kenny was cute in a weird “older” guy kind of way. Although we were sitting pretty far away from the stage, I couldn’t help but wonder what I’d do if he picked me out of the crowd to come up on stage for him to sing to me (a la Courtney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video). I was pretty sure that I’d wave goodbye to my mom and siblings from the stage as I knew he would have swept me off my feet and taken me on tour with him. What would all my friends from school think? Did you hear? Kenny Loggins picked Jenny out of the crowd at his last concert and fell in love with her! He asked her to stay with him and go on tour … and She Said YES!!! Squeeeee!!

All those skanky bitches who thought I was a nerd would be eating their words! Ha! They could just suck it!!! Losers! Jenny Loggins. Jen Loggins. Jennifer Loggins. Or do I want to keep my own name and hyphenate? Hmmmmm.

Ew. What’s that smell? No, seriously. What’s that weird smell? I started looking around to find the source of that pungent odor. I had never smelled anything like it before so I didn’t even know what to look for. Was it trash? Body odor? I didn’t know, but it was strong.

I turned to ask my mom if she smelled it too when I noticed the people down the row from us. Those poor people. I mean, literally, they were poor. I could tell. Not so much by how they were dressed. They didn’t look poor based on the stereotypes I knew. Their clothes weren’t ragged or torn. Actually, they had on really nice clothes … like they bought their outfits at the nice department store, not at the Gold Circle or Kmart like we did. Those people looked freshly showered and clean. So their appearance threw me off a little bit, but I knew they were poor. Because they had to share their cigarette.

Those poor, poor people had to share a weird, smelly cigarette. Part of me was annoyed that their cigarette had such an odd and strong aroma because ew, right?! But I wasn’t really mad because I was feeling mellow and they seemed pretty awesome and cool for poor people at a concert.

Interestingly, there were other poor, stinky cigarette sharing people there that night too. Who knew that so many people were able to afford tickets to a concert like that but didn’t even have enough money to buy their own cigarettes?! Who knew? Definitely not me … not naive, young, unworldly, thirteen year old me.

You know, I heard that Kenny Loggins wrote and sang a few songs with Michael McDonald and The Doobie Brothers. I wonder what that name means …. 😉

Were you naive like I was when you were younger? Or would you have known about those stinky cigarettes?

FTSF BlogHopButtonThis post is part of the Finish the Sentence Friday series. The prompt for this post was “I went to a concert …”

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    • Real Life Parenting says

      I remember my mom acting all innocent like she didn’t know why they would be sharing a cigarette. She tried to play it off all coy. :)

    • Real Life Parenting says

      I probably did have the munchies, but I don’t remember that part. I was busy daydreaming about life on the road with Kenny.

  1. says

    Kenny! Like what was he thinking – ignoring you? I think I know what went wrong!!!! I bet he wanted to smoke and he’d forgotten to bring some on stage and like he totally missed you because he saw those guys (eewwwwww can’t believe they were that poor) sharing squished ones. Yeah. Like that’s why he didn’t totally grab you and take you on tour.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Sting Paul SimonMy Profile

    • Real Life Parenting says

      I know, right?! How could he not be interested in 13 year old me?? Wait! Actually, now that I say it that way, it seems to be a good thing! 😀

  2. says

    HAHA omg this is too funny. I also fantasized about being the girl pulled up on stage because HELLO the MTV video with Courtney Cox being pulled up there to dance – oooh and then she was so happy she was crying! Remember?
    And I think at 13 I’d have not known what pot smelled like either, although it was only a year or two later that my mom’s next door neighbor included a super-hot boy who liked to smoke it. He was a loser. But hot. Way hot. This entire post is beyond funny!!!
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Red Rocks Concerts, The 80′s, and a MulletMy Profile

    • Real Life Parenting says

      I think I was in college before I ever smelled it again. I was a total goody two shoes and didn’t go to parties or hang out with people who did.

      We would have made a really hot duo getting pulled up on stage, right?!?!!

  3. says

    is there any single smell/odor that attaches itself to an event with such impermeability as the smell of pot? lol (well, maybe the smell of ‘Sea ‘n Ski’ suntan lotion* going to the beach as a kid).

    great story! hey the vidchat is mom EDST… stop by tonight (a lot of people just pop in for a few minutes and then there are the others like Lizzi and the others who stay for a couple of others… totally open ended)

    *yes, that’s sun tan lotion not sunblock!

    • Real Life Parenting says

      Yes, of course, because back then it was all about getting the darkest tan possible! Do NOT block any of those precious rays! Lol. I’ll try to pop in tonight!

  4. says

    I probably would have been dreaming about the same thing…but with Rocky Balboa. I was going to either have him or Prince. Who would take me? And when? I’m so there.

    Those stinky cigs… I wonder if you asked your mom about it, what she would say? LOL I remember those stinkers…many of them actually. 😉
    Chris Carter recently posted…Are You Feeling STRETCHED?My Profile

    • Real Life Parenting says

      I’m going to be interested to see if she reads this post and leaves a comment! :) oh, Prince. I still did a baby SQUEE when he was on New Girl not long ago!

  5. says

    it’s amazing when such fond memories get stuck to us…I am delighted to read the above and would have squealed like a mouse and purred like a cat at the same time 😉
    Ruchira recently posted…Green Day!My Profile

  6. says

    Too funny! Actually reminded me of a day I was driving with my Dad in his truck, and it was nice out, so the windows were down. My dad was EXTREMELY old fashioned – to the point where I thought he belonged in the last century (wait, this is a pretty new century, so I guess I mean the century before the last century …). I commented that someone was getting high and he said “What?” “Can’t you smell that” “I smell something burning.” “That’s pot.” No response. “Marijuana.” “I have no idea.” “You never tried pot before? Ever??” “No.” “You never smelllllled pot before? “No…How do YOU know what it smells like?!” [Oops] “Shouldn’t we be getting off at this exit?” You know what? I believed him.
    Chris at Hye Thyme Cafe recently posted…Finish the Sentence Friday: “I went to a concert …”My Profile

  7. says

    That’s hilarious! I also think it’s awesome that your mom took you to a concert. Granted I’m sure I would have been mortified if my mom did at that age, but that was never an option. Did she know it was pot? My dad walked into my sister’s room when she and some friends were smoking pot once, and he didn’t have a clue.
    Foxy Wine Pocket recently posted…First ConfessionsMy Profile

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